Monday, July 30, 2007

Death is a real comedian

You know how celebrities always die in threes, right? This weekend's bloodbath was a typically bizarre mixture:

Innovative NFL coach Bill Walsh.

Swedish filmmaker and Woody Allen's man crush, Ingmar Bergman.

And talk-show host Tom Snyder - one of those guys like Ed Sullivan, who you can't imagine how they ever got in front of a camera, yet are somehow stangely charismatic.


Crustodio said...

I keep picturing a lengthy elevator ride with an instrumental version of "Girl from Ipanema" playing over and over and over.

After a long and uncomfortable silence, Tom and Bill finally ease into a lengthy discussion of the west coast offense while Ingmar just rolls his eyes, wishing he was playing chess with Death instead.

Pete Best said...

If Ingmar had held out one more day he could have had a great conversation about film with this guy.