Friday, July 13, 2007

Chicken Shack

Lisa & Her Kin, one of the best (and most fun) bands I've played with, have just released a new album. Check out a new interview here.

I'm not on it, but got to play on some of these songs when they were hot off the griddle. Some great tunes here. This is real country music, not the mutated Bon Jovi hard rock country that's been on the radio for years, and not the affected college-boy alt country that's about as authentic as a "valueless diamelle"*.

*"Valueless Diamelle" is an actual quote from one of those late night cheap jewelry commercials that used to be on years ago. I love that "valueless" was a synonym for "invaluable". And, hell, who wouldn't want a diamelle? It goes great with your Chevelle.

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