Friday, July 27, 2007

Come see our show last night!

Not sure why this is post-worthy, but... I forgot to mention that the Strange Effects were rocking it out last night at the Tonic Lounge. The Sizzler made it out to the show, but otherwise it was kind of dead. Sort of a dumpy place, in a not very cool neighborhood - but, they have a great sound system and soundman and it's run really well. And it turns out that I know the booking guy. He's semi-famous in our group of friends from when he used to wait tables at the Twilight Cafe.

A very funny and quirky guy, he also wore a Tobacco Town tshirt - without fail every single time we went there for breakfast. Which was quite a lot, in the bachelor days. So, he joined a pantheon of characters that we referred to by unique nicknames. There was Tobacco Town and Fuck Dude (a hippie chick who started practically every sentence with the phrase "Fuck, dude...") and I Can't Believe It's Not Dave and many others I can't remember. Then, a few years later when I was taking some multimedia classes, I sat next to Tobacco Town (who is really named Dave). So, Portland reveals itself as a small world once again.

But mostly, I wanted to show off the flyer I made....

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You can't believe I'm not Dave said...

Fuck, dude, that is one awesome flyer.