Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Browns Post

Sorry. You can expect more of these as we head towards the most wonderful time of the year.

Quarterback Brady Quinn has finally signed with the Browns. After dropping to #22 in the draft (he was predicted a top 5-10), they had some trouble agreeing with how many millions of dollars he would earn at his first real job out of college.

Normally I side with players when it comes to contract issues. In the NFL players can be cut at anytime and have the rest of their contract voided. The owners earn millions just from the appreciation of a franchise. To cap it off, the life span of an NFL player is somewhere in the neighborhood of 10 years lower than the average couch potato.

But Jesus. Sure would have been nice to have the potential quarterback of the future in camp on time. Shave a half-million off and get a chance to start this year, you know?

Regardless, it's a make-or-break year for coach Romeo Crennel. I'm curious to see how quickly he throws the rookie behind center when our current veteran QBs start to struggle. And struggle they will. If you're a Browns fan, you know exactly what I mean.

Todd Philcox, I'm looking at you.

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Pete Best said...

"Brady is described as a quiet, gentlemanly individual who would ultimately like to be an attorney."

Considering the effectiveness of Cleveland's offensive line, I'm sure the brain damage he will get from all the concussions will really help with that career choice. He should probably lower his sites to real estae agent or used car lot owner.