Tuesday, August 07, 2007

What does Nike want with me?

When your phone rings at 7:30 am, it's generally not great news. When it's from an unfamiliar number it's best to ignore it. At least, that's what I do. I don't like being sandbagged when I'm barely awake. Let them leave a message and then listen to it over coffee and plan a response.

So, the caller from this morning didn't leave a message. I ran the digits through Google, and it turns out to be Nike's corporate office. What the hell do they want with me? I'm scared of these big corporations - why are they fucking with my day?


Crustodio said...

Dear sir, we have been informed that you have been using our footwear in non-athletic endeavors. We hereby request that you either just do it, or refrain from purchasing our products in the future.

TheSizzler said...

Maybe it was Badinia.

Anonymous said...

Please tell me more. You called them back right?