Thursday, August 23, 2007

Live Concert review: Wilco at McMenamin's Edgefield, Troutdale, Oregon, 8/26/07

Actual email sent this morning to McMenamin's HQ:

"The food you served at the Wilco concert last night was awful, not to mention highly over priced. That was the worst chicken burrito I've ever eaten - it was like prison food! And the cheeesburger reportedly tasted like cardboard. Everyone I spoke to that has gone and seen a show out there has remarked on how terrible the food is.

Also, the drinks are way overpriced. Nine dollars for a shot of tequila? Give me a break. What a rip off. I spent almost 20 bucks on a disgusting burrito and a shot of tequila. Do you really need to gouge us like that?

I'll definitely have second thoughts on going to see a show at this venue again. Which is a shame, since everything else about it is great. Beautiful setting and good, clear sound. You need to fix the food pronto.


Pete Best


Anonymous said...

I too was at the Wilco Concert. Althought my Pulled Pork Sandwich was less than enjoyable I have found that if I am not totally sick after consumption it was all-in-all a better experience than most.
I made up for the over pricing of food in two ways.
a) I walked into the VIP tent and drank (about 5 beers) for free. and b) Walked into the after show (the minus five) for free (saving 12 bucks) until I got kicked out at which time I walked back in again, also unoticed. For a total
saving of $56.00 compaired to the $8.95 for the sandwich. I do agree about the setting and show. For a first time Wilco fan I was sold. But for an old McMinemams customer I would say Justice was served Wednesday night.

Anonymous said...

WILCO played at epic proportions that night. I didn't go there to eat or drink, I went there to see WILCO!!!!

The McMenamins restaurants actually have pretty good food and REALLY good ale. Like any food serving situation, if there is too much demand it gets tough to focus on quality before quantity...that is, unless you wanna slow things down to a halt and starve the hungry drunks. :D