Thursday, August 30, 2007

Suspended? For this?

When I was a sophomore (or was I a junior?) in high school, our football team went 0-10. A very good friend of mine, who was the morning announcer over the school's PA system was pulled off the job after his third or fourth Monday morning of sarcastically re-capping the previous Friday's game.

A few students at Hilliard Davidson High School executed a "legendary prank" against their rivals, Hilliard Darby High School. Suspensions and more followed. Too harsh? You betcha. Worth it? Hell yes!

"Some students consider the penalty harsh and want to organize a petition in an attempt to help them.

Garchar isn't too concerned.

'If you're going to do a senior prank, you want it to be remembered,' he said yesterday."


Pete Best said...

Great prank, even if the message was a bit hard to read. That kid is going places! When I was reading about the principal, I kept thinking of this guy.

Joe Janes said...

That was beautiful thing. It made me cry.